TACHE Annual Conference Exhibitor

It is our pleasure to invite you to exhibit at the 42nd annual TACHE conference to be held February 26 – March 1, 2017 in beautiful Austin, TX. Our conference theme this year is "Creer y Crecer: Inspiring and Building a Stronger Nation through Higher Education".

The host hotel for the conference is the Wyndham Garden Hotel. The conference is attended by professionals from colleges and universities across Texas, college students, community leaders, faculty, administrators, and college presidents.

We hope that all our members will take the opportunity to visit the exhibitors' space at the hotel. The following information is intended for the exhibitors themselves.

Exhibitor Set Up

Sunday, February 26, 1pm - 5pm

Exhibit Hours

Sunday, February 26, 1pm - 5pm
Monday, February 27, 8am - 5pm
Tuesday, February 28, 8am - 5pm

Exhibitor Table

Each exhibitor will receive an exhibitor table with 2 chairs. Electricity can be purchased at an additional cost.

Exhibitor Fee: USD 250
Electricity: + USD 50

Exhibitor space is limited.

Click for Exhibitor Registration


Access to the conference is not included in the exhibitor rate and we invite you to register for our conference here.

If you have any questions at all about becoming an exhibitor at the TACHE Annual Conference please contact Maria Guerrero, (806) 651-5310, mguerrero@tache.org



The exhibitor agrees to protect and hold TACHE harmless for any damages or charges imposed for violation of any law or ordinance, as well as to comply strictly with all the Wyndham Garden Hotel conditions and requirements. The exhibitor shall at all times protect and hold harmless TACHE from all loss, cost, or liability arising from or by reason of the exhibitor’s occupancy at the Wyndham Garden Hotel during any period from February 26 – March 1, 2017. TACHE will not be responsible for the safety of the property of the exhibitors from theft, damage by fire, accident, or other causes.